About Curry Electric

Welcome to Curry Electric. I'm Tim Curry, founder of Curry Electric, and I want to thank you for visiting our website.

After my apprenticeship, I worked as a service technician, and then spent five years as a service manager. During that time, I saw the need for a company that provided services to customers after the building was finished, or the house occupied, rather than focusing solely on new construction, and providing later services as an afterthought.

In 1986, my wife Traci and I formed Curry Electric on these basic tenets:

  • Answer our own phones, in our office, 8am-5pm, 5 days a week
  • Employ only the most highly skilled, trustworthy, and dependable technicians
  • Take pride in our name and reputation, and do whatever it takes to maintain them
  • Present ourselves professionally, using clean, lettered vehicles and uniformed technicians
  • Invest in continuing education for all of our technicians, to allow them to stay on top of electrical code and technology changes
  • Above all, give you, our customer the best service we can offer, while keeping your cost to a minimum

Our vision remains the same today as it was then. In order to support our technicians, and to ensure the quality of our services, we belong to Independant Electrical Contractors (IEC), which provides a thorough four-year apprenticeship training program, continuing education for Journeymen, and National Electrical Code change classes. We belong to the National Fire Protection Association and the International Association of Electrical Inspectors so that we may participate in the code-making process itself. I have personally authored over seventeen changes in the National Electrical Code. All of this allows us to stay up to date on the latest safety standards and practices, so that we can provide the highest possible quality of service to you, our customer.

Curry Electric Staff:

Company President Traci Curry  
Vice President Timothy Curry Licensed Master Electrician
Senior Vice President Justin Burroughs Licensed Master Electrician
Office Assistant Polly Burroughs  
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