Aluminum Wire Repair

In the 1960's and 1970's, a number of homes and apartment buildings were wired using #10 & #12 gauge aluminum branch circuit conductors. These are the wires that run through your walls, and supply power to your switches, lights and outlets. (This type of aluminum wiring should not be confused with the larger sizes of "new technology" aluminum wiring, which commonly supply power from your meter into your house, and is perfectly safe.)

In the mid-1970’s due to a number severe safety problems, the use of this aluminum branch circuit wiring was outlawed. In homes with aluminum wiring, electrical connections made in switches, outlets, light fixtures, etc. frequently come loose or break, causing the house to catch fire.

Fortunately, there is a way to safely repair the wiring in these homes, without the destructive and costly process of completely replacing the house's entire electrical system. This process, known as AMP/COPALUM repair, safely prevents the aluminum wire connections from coming apart, restoring the safety of the home without tearing it apart in the process.

Performance of this style of repair requires that each technician performing the service complete extensive training and be factory certified to use the the specialized tools involved in the procedure.

Curry Electric was the first electrical contractor in Cincinnati to be certified to perform these procedures, and we continue to train our technicians in the techniques required to do a safe and quality repair job. If you have aluminum wire in your home, Click Here to contact us for more information, and a free repair estimate

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